My Most Recent Update (MRI)

Hello Everyone!

I have an update that I’d like to post today. Before I get into my MRI Results, I would like to thank everyone for the kind words, the well-wishes, the prayers and the financial support. The money that was provided via this campaign allowed me to live the last five months without much worry about things like power, food, transportation, things I (we) needed as I bore down to kick these cells out of my body.

My disability check came in. Dealing with EDD/SDI is a NIGHTMARE but I got a nice gentleman on the phone, and he spent an HOUR getting everything he needed to pay the claim.. Then it took 12 days from when it paid for me to receive the Debit Card. Just totally unacceptable but I’ve been able to pay on and ahead on some bills, order in somethings we need and toss my son a couple bucks so he can get a newer phone (his is just way too slow and the cracked screen doesn’t help either!)

I just want to say THANK YOU because of the people that came out, showed their support and expressed concern, its because of all ya all that I’m even standing here today.

===And Now The Update===

On Monday, I woke up, showered and got ready then I realized it wasn’t Tuesday LOL So on Tuesday I had an MRI Appointment at VMC. I went in and slept thru the MRI now that I’m an old pro.

When I was first diagnosed with Cancer, I was a WRECK while in that machine because I knew that something wasn’t right and that they were getting clearer images of what they had already seen. I remember just sobbing and screaming silently through the tears.

Twice they had to stop the MRI early, but were able to see the tumor in my brain and nothing is more scary than hearing cancer is in the brain. After I was diagnosed, they gave me something to calm me down and I went into the MRI machine again for a short 15 minute scan.

So I went to the appointment on Tuesday and yesterday (Wednesday May 30th) the doctors office called and said that everything was stable and the Radiation Oncologist would see me on the 22nd.

Well, my appt isn’t on the 22nd. Its the 11th, but if I’m stable, delaying the appointment works for me!

At the end of June, I will have a PET Scan and there I will get a feel for what the tumor in my lung and right adrenal gland is up to. So my post after early/mid July will have more information as to what my lungs are doing.

I have not had any coughing episodes. I do get winded (tired) when I’m out and about. I feel a general dizzy feeling when I first get up, sometimes so bad I have to put a hand on the wall so that I don’t faint. My neck hurts, but its always hurt and I’m sure that has to do with my car accident and broken clavical that I’ve endured since I was 19. My god, that was 30 years ago (gulp!)!

I just read the MRI report and it says:
1. Multiple stable hemorrhagic enhancing lesions as described, consistent with known metastatic disease. Mild decrease in size of the left parietal cortical lesion.

2. No new lesions are seen.”

What is missing, that I still don’t know is the number of tumors.

Can I get a “HELL YESSSSSSS” From all you all please!!!!!! I am over the moon! YAY

This really is a peculiar thing as I have Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. I have a 2.5cm (Jan 2018) tumor in my upper left lung. It is my belief and feeling that the Fires in Santa Rosa (if not the cause) complicated and brought my onset symptoms to the forefront. But they have done more tests on my brain than my lung and I have more tumors in my brain than my lung. But I don’t have Brain Cancer. Go figure!

Now, I have no idea of the tumor size on the right adrenal gland. On 1/29/18 I underwent a surgical procedure to remove a 4.5cm (golf ball sized) tumor from my right frontal/parietal lobe. The overall affected side was 10-12cm in length and this includes all of the swollen and areas of edema but now what remains is typical of “post op”. YAY

All of my labs are PERFECT but they do show elevated White Blood Cells when I went into the doctor and again when I went to the hospital for that face infection I had in April. My Red Blood Cells are typically low, as they have been that way my whole life and that indicates anemia, but low RBC’s is “normal” for me. I am considered “text book” otherwise surrounding my labs and I’m very proud of that, being I’m overweight, have poor health habits (smoker/history with drugs/alcohol and overweight!)

I have been taking CBD Oil from the Shelter Project and Jetty Extracts. They provided me three months this last shipment and I take about a gram of CBD oil a week.

I also have been taking supplements, however I cut back on those for two reasons – first was when I was in the hospital, I didn’t take them with me and I was on morphine for pain and nauseated. The supplements along with Tagrisso (my “chemo in a pill” treatment) and an empty stomach bring on nausea. I do not do nausea well at all.

Thanks to Kelly Land, I have been juicing and making smoothies, not every single day, but more often than not. I just had groceries delivered so I got a full stock on everything to continue juicing.

When the nurse called to say I was stable, my son was in the room and I just cried.

The other symptoms I have is related to Tagrisso and its chapped lips and my nose is affected and at times, hurts and swells. Its been pretty constant since my April hospital stay. I just need to drink more water, keep doing what I’ve done, step up the CBD oil and supplements, stay away from all the GMO, non-organic foods, sugar and dead animal flesh.

I’ve lost all my Jan 2018 hospital weight and overall, I’m down at least 10 pounds from where I was prior to diagnosis – a weight that I have held steady for the last few years (give or take). Thats all fine and dandy but I’m still at least 50 pounds above my ideal weight and so long as I’m not wasting away and losing slowly, then I’ll take it.

Now, back to my head, the other “numerous tumors” measure around 7mm so they are small, like pencil erasers i’ve been told. The fact they are not growing and have began to shrink leaves me with a FUCK YA!!! feeling. I’m skipping and I think I hurt my back when I did that flip!

I have found The Truth About Cancer to be a wealth of information. I also have found Dr. Axe to be very helpful with nutritional information. And Patients Like Me is a great site to connect to others with similar symptoms/conditions. There’s other websites that are great with alternative cancer treatments and I cannot emphasize enough that importance of knowing what you’re putting in your body (even that which comes from the doctor as much of it is poison!)

I remain hopeful but I do have days where I just want to cry. I don’t want to see evil win and this cancer, is EVIL. The Truth will set me free! I

To my friends near and far, my parents, children, and anyone else reading this – thank you for being a star in my sky.

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