What I Do To Help My Body Fight Cancer

This is a compilation of the things I do, or don’t do, that are considered natural treatments for this dreaded disease called Cancer.

First, as I’ve stated, I got sick the night the Santa Rosa firestorm literally blew up.  That was Oct 9 2017 in the early morning hours.  It was that day I developed a cough and my health was in decline until my diagnosis date of Jan 22, 2018.  I do get dizzy and winded when I’m up and about, and I feel primarily the same .  In February I felt better than I did the time around  my diagnosis.

Last doctors appointment, I was told I have “textbook” labs, everything is in normal ranges.  I do have anemia but iron levels are fine, as is temp, blood pressure, and oxygen sats.

The first thing I would tell someone walking this path is to do your research on cancer and why you cannot trust the medical establishment or the FDA.  Sad,but it’s true.  I highly recommend watching the Bruzynski movie on Netflix or you can find it on YouTube.  Dr. Bruzynski had a cure for cancer but the FDA and Big Pharma stood to loose a lot of Money.

Other cancer cures the FDA has “outlawed” include, but are not limited to Laetrile, or Vitamin B17.  You cannot buy B17 off the shelf, but it is the seed of an apricot.  There are traces of a chemical very similar to cyanide, however you have to eat a gaggle of seeds for it to be truly harmful.  The cyanide in the seed is delivered to the cancer cell and the cell dies.

i have not yet tried the Laetrile, or apricot seed oil but I will be looking into that soon.

now, I have brain metastases, and chemotherapy does not pass the blood brain barrier, so radiation would be treatment for brain tumors.  At last MRI in March, my tumors were same size and no new ones were present.  Not bad 8 weeks post-op and only 3 weeks on Tagrisso.

What I do to help this “chemo pill,” the Tagrisso,  do what it does is that I ensure an alkaline system.  I avoid sugar except when I have coconut popsicles.  I rarely eat meat, if I do I lean to fish or chicken.  I have meat hardly ever and no pork.

I eat mostly veggies, I drink a smoothie most mornings, I may have bread and butter, I rarely drink milk (only with grape nut cereal), cheese has been cut way back and I have maybe 4 yogurts and 6 eggs a week.  I drink green tea and aloe Vera drinks, coconut wherever possible.

i use coconut oil when I need to use oil.  I also add frankensense essential oil to coconut oil and rub that on my neck so that the frankensense is absorbed into the skin.  I run 2 Air diffusers filled with eucalyptus oil, lemon oil and others known to help with cancers.

Jetty Extracts has a program called The Shelter Project where they may give cancer pTients free CBD oils.  You want a 3:1 ratio with helps with pain, nausea and insomnia.  That’s 3 parts CBD and 1 part THC.  You can read about Rick Simpson Oil or RSO all over the internet.  I put this on the roof of my mouth 3x a day.  It’s said that after I ingest 60 grams in about 90 days, my cancer should be shrinking if not cured.  I also vape the CBD Oil but mostly, take it orally.

cancer thrives in a dark, oxygen deprived and acidic environment.  Sunshine is good for you, eat FRESH greens, kale, spinache, brocolli, zucchini, etc.  these turn into oxygen as the food is digested.  I also purchased from amazon FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide that I add to water 3x a day.  This gives a boost of oxygen right into my system.

I also put a little baking soda and lemon in water and drink. You can freeze and shred a lemon to put on fish, or even in yogurt.  I try to eat 1-2 lemons a day.  The lemon and soda alkaline the body.  You don’t want to be too alkaline ine, just in normal range of a pH level 5-7.

i went to CVS and stocked up on supplements.  I take i cant talk right now – ill holla back when i finish what im doing Black Seed Oil (look at Dr. Sebi) and anything for Immune System and Heart Health, Garlic Zinc, D3, Echinacea, a Daily Vitamin, Vitamin C, and a probiotic.

Aside from Burzynski and Sebi, watch www.thetruthaboutcancer.tv, more than anything, no smoking, buy natural products, go organic where possible, NO GMO foods, and watch mental health.  Take only what you must and drink lots of carrot juice, beat juice, and green leafy juice and smoothies.

look into a green superfood protein powder to add to smoothies.  Nuts are good for you, ok to add, just avoid the salt.  I run a Himalayan Salt Lamp that clears the air and I ensure my room stays dusted when possible.  I have other people clean if it’s really dusty.  I keep coughing to minimum. If I cough it up, it comes out as it could be cancer your swollowing. I stocked up on Tylenol, Benadryl and Mucinex.

I also have help through social services and IHSS.  If I can help you, if you are suffering from cancer, please get at me.  My email sjmookie@gmail.com and my phone number is (408) 454-8769.

I use Medisafe to remind me to take meds and the  Patients Like Me website for support, updates (infrequent but try to update once a week and after appts.)  I also use a www.drugs.com medicine checker, inputting even thesuppliments, to ensure no adverse reactions.

If cooking is difficult, look into meal delivery services, green blender will deliver ingredients for 5 smoothies a week for $50.  Don’t drink alcohol and keep the mind positive.  Learn to meditate, even yoga.  I listen to Chuck Wild aka Liquid Mind which relaxes me and help me stay grounded.

Know cancer comes from what we eat and breathe or are exposed to, many things, of which, the government does deliberately to experiment on us, even without consent.

Much Love,



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