Eyes Wide Open

I spend most of my time on YouTube watching conspiracy truth channels.  In a way, it’s my way of growing closer to god.  While I haven’t lived saintly, I am far from satanic and I am able to see how this country was formed under a type of rule that is mind blowing.

This rabbit hole is neverending and one thing leads to another. These posts are a place to show another view that the MainStream media does not tell.  Please, don’t believe me because I feel this is truth.  Keep an open mind and consider all viewpoints as in the middle of my truth and your truth is THE TRUTH.

The first videos that I recommend are relating to the “end game” or the vision that the globalists have.  Once you understand the terms and the directives of Agenda 21, then I will delve into who’s behind this “New World Order / NWO.”  I will touch on sensitive emotional topics like Kennedy’s assignation, how 911 was an inside job, and how we’ve been programmed to support barbaric wars, idolize celebrities, and that our government is ran and controlled by foreign banks and very powerful bloodlines.

We will talk about MK-Ultra Mind Control, the Secret Space Program, Big Pharma, Cancer, immunizations, weather modification, HAARP, CERN, and how we are on the brink of a cataclysm and extinction level event that s unfolding in the book of revelations.

You will know who, moreover, what QAnon is, what FEMA is really up to, why our police look like army soldiers, and how Walmart is being used should marshal law be inacted.

i will demonstrate why and how the moon landing was faked, Santa iv symbolism in movies and music, as well as what PizzaGate is, how there is a government shakedown happening with nearly 30,000 indictments coming down.  If you aren’t aware of all the CEO and political resignations, you will be.

Lastly, you will be shown how we are all slaves, how race movements have spawned racial divide and how propaganda is used to rally Support or opposition to further their (the elite’s) “agenda.”  You will know what Geo engineering and chemtrails are and understand the solar simulator, as well as flat earth.

The end game, is Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development  and you can read the Agenda 21 document here on the UN’s website.

That’s right from the horses mouth!!

If you are short for time, here’s a video that discusses the topics relating to Agenda 21

…and I haven’t even brought up ET’s, as assention, raising vibrations, consciousness or bible prophecy.  The rabbit whole goes deep and in the end, you can judge for yourself.


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