Which element is out of balance

I found this article today and decided to take the little quiz to see what my aches, pains and ailments are and how those score against elemental imbalance.

”Ancient Chinese Secrets”are no joke and I have always believed in the philosophy and healing modalities of the Chinese.  Few empires have lasted as long as China has!

The article by the folks at “Healthy Indeed” is here and I interested to know how others score!

4 Water—related to the kidneys and bladder. Water people are calm, patient and peaceful.
2 Wood—related to the liver and gallbladder. Wood people are bold, driven and decisive.
1 Fire—related to the nervous, circulatory and glandular systems. Fire people are charismatic and charming.
3 Earth—related to the stomach and pancreas. Earth people are nurturing, helpful and loyal.
5 Metal—related to the lungs and colon. Metal people are precise, orderly and reserved.

I had more fire symptoms, then wood, Earth, water and lastly metal.

I didnt score onsome of the bronchitis and asthma symptoms.  While my breathing is more labored, it also isn’t getting worse. I’ve always been nervous and anxious, my feet tingle when I’m tired (lack of blood flow) and I’ve always felt fatigued. I can’t tell you how many times I tested the Thryoid but it always tested within normal ranges.

Heres the chart so you can grade your symptoms to find out the elements that are out of balance, also from Healthy Indeed.


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