MRI Results and My Immune System

This entry is about my brain scan MRI Results, my compromising immune system, and my overall mental health.

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Thank you Melissa! I love the crock pot. I appreciate u. A LOT!

MRI Results

The last time I had an RMI was in January and before my brain surgery. Surgery was about 9-10 weeks ago. As I had indicated, the tumor was 5.4cm and had swelling all around the tumor so total affected area was about 10cm.

While at the radiation oncology appointment, my radiation and I spoke before I head the results. I told her flat out I do not want full brain radiation. It scares the crap out of me. And I don’t want to be dumbed down or have brain trauma and unpleasant.

I lost a pound since last appointment. My blood pressure is in range. If feel good out of the time. Well, maybe not “good” as I’m not 100% and I’m rather healthy if you take away the fact I have Metastatic Lung Cancer.

No Radiation!!!

Omg, I about fell over. The tumor site is healing, she couldn’t see any edema and she was really happy that Tagrisso is working. I asked if they are smaller, bigger, more of them or less.

They smaller tumors are all over my brain. She said there’s not additional ones, and the ones I have are the same size. I’ve been on Tagrisso about 5 weeks. I will go back for another MRI in 2 months and we go from there.

My Immune System

….in one word – getting torched. Little scapes take forever to heal. I woke up with two pimples on my face near mouth and chin. I made the mistake of popping them, and now I look like I have a HUGE abscess.

All day long it’s growing and growing. If I get a fever higher than 100 I’ll have to goto ER. Otherwise I will go to urgent care down the street in the did NOT look like that this morning and since taking that pic, it’s now dropping from gravity.


Between just having cancer, the fact I I gave this infection where I may have to goto hospital, of which all surfaced after I spoke to a man about creating his website. He’s here on the north side so close!

During the first part of the call he tells me his wife was diagnosed on Valentine’s Day in 2017. He said she died Feb 4th just 10 days shy of her diagnosis anniversary.

I got off the phone and I was sooo upset. She was 56, 15 years younger than the average age most with lung cancer. He confirmed what I know and what the doctor said and tat is stage 4 lung cancer is incurable.

The part that got me was she was up and out of the house, they were doing things. Then she came home and woke up in pain, went to urgent care and they did blood work and sent her home. After labs came back, they met with oncologist who sent her home on hospice. Nine days later she died.

The Reality

Cancer is ugly. While I haven’t been health conscious, I came to a point in. Y life where I had regained my independence, I LOVED driving for Uber, I was never angry or upset. I was even keeled.

The reality is I can’t get infections. They can kill me and knowing that he could be without a mom just breaks my heart. Breanna is at Arizona University finishing her junior year. Am I missed so much with her these last 8 years and only because of cancer do we text way more often.

And here’s my face one last time. Can you see a difference between the 2nd and third one? It feels more swollen. I’m going to shower and cry and get the ick off me.

I will update after I get back from urgent care provided they don’t admit me.