The waiting game

For the most part, I feel okay. I am definately more tired than before, more fatigued, but I feel okay.

I’ve had a reduced appetite but I have been juicing (thanks to Kelly Land) and making GreenBlender smoothies.

I have been adding CBD Crystals to the smoothies. I have also been drinking water and food grade hydrogen peroxide. In addition, I take black seed oil, vitamin D, garlic, zinc, vitamin C and probiotics.

I have cut out most meat and eating more veg. There are days where I’ll have hamburger meat and maybe some chicken. I don’t crave it and would rather stick to the raw fruits and veggies, grains, and fish.

In all my research, cancer can be categorized as a fungus or a virus and the cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich, alkaline environment.

I have spent the better part of the last three years working diligently on healing my mental and emotional self. It wasn’t until I got a cancer diagnosos that I began to pay attention.

While I have been “asleep” in my selfish, woe-filled attitude, not realizing how wrong things are, I allowed this cancerous warfare to enter, poison, and alter my cellular chemistry. This lead to me to realize how corrupt our government is. Don’t trust what I say. Do the research yourself. A great place to start is YouTube and a search on Agenda 21.

On Monday I go for a radiation appt. I know my brain tumor was 4.5cm. I was not on cancer meds the first month post-surgery. I have now been receiving treatment for a month. I know the tumor removed won’t be the measurement on how effective my efforts are going. It will be the smaller ones so I’ll need to see my brain scans. I sure hope there isn’t issue with that.

If the tumors are shrinking, I will be refusing radiation. I also am trying to learn as much as I can to refuse their poisonous cancer medications. But I can’t do that just yet as I lack the confidence and knwledge. All I know is I can’t fuck this up because I got a lot of life in me.

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