GreenBlender Smoothies

As I have been reading about alternative cancer cures much of the day, one of the things that is repeated over and over again is the need to eat raw and fresh organic, non-gmo foods.

I found a company that will delivery all the ingredients to make 10 24oz smoothies a week.  The cost is $50  week.  Their name is GreenBlender and I cannot wait for my first delivery.  Once it comes, I’ll have much more to speak about on this topic.

As it stands, I’m not great about eating veggies so this is a way to ensure that I get what I need.  I also have someone stopping by today to give me a juicer. I’m placing an order with Amazon Now to get some fruits and veggies in here today  That way I can start juicing right away!

If you follow my link, you will receive $20 off your first order!

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