Free THC/CBD from Jetty Extracts’ Shelter Project

Thank you Jetty Extracts’ Shelter Project for your program to help cancer patients with offsetting the costs for us to have access to THC/CBD products.

While I have smoked cannabis on and off most of my adult life and having the knowledge that it helped with symptoms, it wasn’t until I got my cancer diagnosis that I began investigating CBD products.

When I found out the federal government is trying to regulate and make CBD products a “controlled substance” I realized immediately that there must be much truth in the fact that THC/CBD can actually shrink and eliminate tumors.

I began with edibles because they helped me sleep and then someone else mentioned I can get free cannabis.  So I did a google search and found Jetty Extracts.

For my first shipment, I’m requesting hybrid, indica, and  CBD vape cartridges and the dablicator.  As I increase dosage up to 1mg a day, I will eventually move towards pure oils.

I estimate that this is going to be a significant savings for to me each month.  The other cartridges I purchased were $50/ea so this could be an estimated $200/month savings.

Thank you Jetty Extracts


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