Postponing Mammogram – Sore Throat

I was scheduled for a mammogram today. When I met ,y new PCP we decided to, in addition to cancer treatment, do a full physical. I’ll get the pap, get the blood panel for STD’s, HIV and HepC.

I’m confident those scans will come back clear but I had to postpone cuz I got a sore throat. I also got a rash from the Fitbit and a burn I got on. My arm touching a hot pan is red. Basically, I can tell my immune system is changing.

I’m feeling relatively good otherwise. I do get sad when I read about cancer but I keep reminding myself that I’m 48 and much younger than the average age for lung cancer.

I continue to be appreciative for all the visits, the phone calls, the text messages and the help with the amazon wish list and my GoFundMe.

Please continue to share this campaign to your networks. It’s been three months living on Child Support and your generous contributions. I’ve filed for SSDI but I need Doc to certify. Next week om Wednesday I will meet with the medical social worker!!

And hopefully disabilitykicks in soon. I also am looking for financial assistance through cancer organizations while I’m right-minded and able to do that kind of fundraising.

I really am humbled and I feel like I got this. I’m researching all the alternative treatments and I take my meds every day. There’s no other option other than to be here in this form, another 20 years at least.

I love all of you.


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