The waiting game

For the most part, I feel okay. I am definately more tired than before, more fatigued, but I feel okay.

I’ve had a reduced appetite but I have been juicing (thanks to Kelly Land) and making GreenBlender smoothies.

I have been adding CBD Crystals to the smoothies. I have also been drinking water and food grade hydrogen peroxide. In addition, I take black seed oil, vitamin D, garlic, zinc, vitamin C and probiotics.

I have cut out most meat and eating more veg. There are days where I’ll have hamburger meat and maybe some chicken. I don’t crave it and would rather stick to the raw fruits and veggies, grains, and fish.

In all my research, cancer can be categorized as a fungus or a virus and the cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich, alkaline environment.

I have spent the better part of the last three years working diligently on healing my mental and emotional self. It wasn’t until I got a cancer diagnosos that I began to pay attention.

While I have been “asleep” in my selfish, woe-filled attitude, not realizing how wrong things are, I allowed this cancerous warfare to enter, poison, and alter my cellular chemistry. This lead to me to realize how corrupt our government is. Don’t trust what I say. Do the research yourself. A great place to start is YouTube and a search on Agenda 21.

On Monday I go for a radiation appt. I know my brain tumor was 4.5cm. I was not on cancer meds the first month post-surgery. I have now been receiving treatment for a month. I know the tumor removed won’t be the measurement on how effective my efforts are going. It will be the smaller ones so I’ll need to see my brain scans. I sure hope there isn’t issue with that.

If the tumors are shrinking, I will be refusing radiation. I also am trying to learn as much as I can to refuse their poisonous cancer medications. But I can’t do that just yet as I lack the confidence and knwledge. All I know is I can’t fuck this up because I got a lot of life in me.

Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 Benefits – The One Minute Miracle

I received my bottle of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide .5%.  I’m starting my protocol now. I was told to take drops 3x a day, starting at 3 drops each dosing and increasing by 1 drop a dose every day until I’m taking 25 drops a dose.

This is one of the more controversial types of treatments but after reading the health benefits, I felt like this was something I wanted to try.

Brain MRI Appointment

The MRI department is buzzing. And my appointment quite delayed. This is why I try not to bother people for rides. You never know!

I’m glad it’s busy and that I havey phone, though low on battery, it provides distraction.

I have cancer now. Or so they want me to believe. As I educate myself on the various treatments and prognosis for my type of cancer, I’m forever reinforced on the design and cure of cancer.

I am tired but I feel that if anyone can be cancer free, it can be me!!

GreenBlender Smoothies

As I have been reading about alternative cancer cures much of the day, one of the things that is repeated over and over again is the need to eat raw and fresh organic, non-gmo foods.

I found a company that will delivery all the ingredients to make 10 24oz smoothies a week.  The cost is $50  week.  Their name is GreenBlender and I cannot wait for my first delivery.  Once it comes, I’ll have much more to speak about on this topic.

As it stands, I’m not great about eating veggies so this is a way to ensure that I get what I need.  I also have someone stopping by today to give me a juicer. I’m placing an order with Amazon Now to get some fruits and veggies in here today  That way I can start juicing right away!

If you follow my link, you will receive $20 off your first order!

The Gracie Foundation

A big THANK YOU to my friend Julie E. and The Gracie Foundation for the wonderful gift bag.  This great gift bag arrived on Monday.  It has all organic products in there and I can use every item in there, some of which I have had on a shopping list.

If you know a woman that has cancer, visit The Gracie Foundation and you can request a bag for her!  Trust me, she will LOVE IT!

Update on Condition

Hello! I wanted to give an update….please read to the end – I have some positive things I’ve discovered!!!

1st, please help support this campaign by sharing it across your networks. There are still things that I need (a juicer) and the continued purchase of raw organic non-gmo foods, supplements, etc. The natural alternative therapies add up and fast.

2nd, I have been approved to receive free THC/CBD’s from The Shelter Project that is ran through Jetty Extracts. They make all organic products and I receive 4 free products a month. This is a HUGE help, but it will not be enough CBD Oil for a recommended dose a month as a cancer regimen.

I have read that it takes up to about 60mg’s of CBD Oil in order to become cancer free. Many may even balk at this idea off THC/CBD’s and I know it may be hard to understand why it works, but it does. A I didn’t know this, but the government is trying to make CBD’s a controlled substance. This is the part of the hemp/cannabis plant that doesn’t get you “high” yet they want to control it? This is because if cancer is cured, big pharma won’t have the big profits if there is a cure.

There are a TON of alternative treatments that you can do that will help cancer prevention – lemons, avocado, high dose vit, an alkaline diet, CBDs, Black Seed Oil, cutting out sugar/dairy, and eating all fresh organic and non gmo foods.

I have a busy week – on tuesday I meet with the in home support social worker (I think – had difficulty reconfirming the appt), and then I have a doctors appt with the Neurosurgeon. I’m fully healed from the brain surgery. I no longer hear that “dripping” sound and the incision is not swollen. I have full feeling, no nerve damage.
On Wednesday I meet with the Social Worker who I will talk to about disability. I’ve sent the information to the doctor and hopefully that gets done soon. I have not had any income other than the campaign funds and child support. I will also find out what else they have to offer. The biggest thing is getting disability started.

On Friday I go for another MRI on my brain. This will tell the radiation doctor what my tumors are doing and if I even have to have radiation at this time. She said I may not have to radiate the whole brain. Crossing fingers. I have anti-anxiety meds for this appt as I don’t do well in the MRI machine.

As for how I’ve been feeling, I get tired after I take my pill. I have had some side effects from the tagrisso (I think) but they are mild. I say “I THINK” because I do have chapped lips but look outside. I do need to drink more water. I had to take off the fitbit because I developed a rash that is taking DAYS to heal. This is because of the Tagrisso as I can tell my immune system is starting to say bye-bye.

My prognosis is very low. Lung Cancer is detected (average age) around 71. The five year survival rate for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Brain Metastasis is like less than 1%. Most die within a year.

I was horrified to read this and just cried then it dawned on me……I’m 49 next month. I’m 20 years younger than the average so that must mean my odds are better. If I had the confidence to refuse their treatment I would do it, but I don’t have the knowledge or the financial resources to do alternative therapies.
I found a cancer group on facebook. I posted an intro….I’ve gotten a few responses about how they are cancer free and have the same diagnosis (well similar). One lady had HUGE tumors in lungs and neck and refused chemo and did all alternative therapies and is cancer free.

I hate to even ask for anything and everytime I come to post here, it is uncomfortable but I can’t do this alone and I really need everyone I know to rally behind me.

In 1900, only 3% of people got cancer and now 40% get cancer. I have no regrets, but I also am not ready to transition to another realm and I just want to thank you for your support. I’ve had so many visits, phone calls and i feel your prayers. I really don’t feel alone and I’m so grateful.

Thank you

Free THC/CBD from Jetty Extracts’ Shelter Project

Thank you Jetty Extracts’ Shelter Project for your program to help cancer patients with offsetting the costs for us to have access to THC/CBD products.

While I have smoked cannabis on and off most of my adult life and having the knowledge that it helped with symptoms, it wasn’t until I got my cancer diagnosis that I began investigating CBD products.

When I found out the federal government is trying to regulate and make CBD products a “controlled substance” I realized immediately that there must be much truth in the fact that THC/CBD can actually shrink and eliminate tumors.

I began with edibles because they helped me sleep and then someone else mentioned I can get free cannabis.  So I did a google search and found Jetty Extracts.

For my first shipment, I’m requesting hybrid, indica, and  CBD vape cartridges and the dablicator.  As I increase dosage up to 1mg a day, I will eventually move towards pure oils.

I estimate that this is going to be a significant savings for to me each month.  The other cartridges I purchased were $50/ea so this could be an estimated $200/month savings.

Thank you Jetty Extracts


Postponing Mammogram – Sore Throat

I was scheduled for a mammogram today. When I met ,y new PCP we decided to, in addition to cancer treatment, do a full physical. I’ll get the pap, get the blood panel for STD’s, HIV and HepC.

I’m confident those scans will come back clear but I had to postpone cuz I got a sore throat. I also got a rash from the Fitbit and a burn I got on. My arm touching a hot pan is red. Basically, I can tell my immune system is changing.

I’m feeling relatively good otherwise. I do get sad when I read about cancer but I keep reminding myself that I’m 48 and much younger than the average age for lung cancer.

I continue to be appreciative for all the visits, the phone calls, the text messages and the help with the amazon wish list and my GoFundMe.

Please continue to share this campaign to your networks. It’s been three months living on Child Support and your generous contributions. I’ve filed for SSDI but I need Doc to certify. Next week om Wednesday I will meet with the medical social worker!!

And hopefully disabilitykicks in soon. I also am looking for financial assistance through cancer organizations while I’m right-minded and able to do that kind of fundraising.

I really am humbled and I feel like I got this. I’m researching all the alternative treatments and I take my meds every day. There’s no other option other than to be here in this form, another 20 years at least.

I love all of you.